List of Costly Stocks in India: Which is the Costliest Right Now?

10 Costliest Stocks in India


List of Top 10 Stocks with Highest Prices in India

1. Madras Rubber Factory (MRF)

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF), established in 1946 is a Tyre manufacturer that produces a diverse range of tyres. The firm specializes in Car & bike tyres, trucks/bus tyres, etc.

  • Share Price – Rs.71,238
  • Market Capitalization – 30,213 crore
  • Face Value10

2. Page Industries

Page Industries functions in the textile industry and is an Indian manufacturer and retailer of clothing such as innerwear, loungewear, and socks. Jockey is one of the well known brands under Page Industries.
  • Share PriceRs.40,866
  • Market Capitalization – 45,581 crore
  • Face Value10


3. Honeywell Automation-

Honeywell Automation India Ltd, a subsidiary of Honeywell group, USA and is a leader in providing integrated automation and software solutions. The firm has a diverse product portfolio in environmental and combustion controls.
  • Share PriceRs. 33,577
  • Market Capitalization – 29,688 crore
  • Face Value10


4. Shree Cements

Shree Cement is an Indian cement manufacturing firm with its headquarters in Kolkata. The firm was established in Beawar, Ajmer district, Rajasthan, in 1979. It is the largest cement maker in northern India and also produces and sells power under the name Shree Power and Shree Mega Power.

  • Share PriceRs. 19,414
  • Market Capitalization – 70,050 crore
  • Face Value10


5. 3M India

3M India Ltd is the subsidiary listed firm of 3M Company USA located in India. 75% equity stake in the firm is held by 3M Company USA. 3M India has a diversified & vast portfolio of products in dental cement, health care, office supplies, cleaning, etc.
  • Share PriceRs. 22,411
  • Market Capitalization – 25,246 crore
  • Face Value10
List of 10 Costliest Stocks in India

6. Abbott India

Abbott India Limited is a Pharmaceutical and Drugs company, Headquartered in Mumbai. It is a publicly listed company and a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories that is well known for offering superior-quality, trusted medicines in multiple therapeutic segments such as women’s health, cardiology, metabolic disorders, gastroenterology, and primary care.
  • Share Price – Rs.18,964
  • Market Capitalization – 40,297 crore
  • Face Value10


7. Nestle India

Nestle India operates in the food processing industry and has the highest market capitalization in the list of most expensive shares in the Indian subcontinent. The firm has a wide range of products like Maggi, Nescafe, Kit-Kat, Every day, etc. It is the Indian subsidiary of Nestlé, a  multinational company headquartered in Switzerland.
  • Share PriceRs. 17,490
  • Market Capitalization – 1,68,638 crore
  • Face Value10


8. Bosch Ltd

Bosch is a part of the German multinational company Robert Bosch, with its headquarters in Germany and operates in the segment of Auto Ancillary industry. Bosch belongs in the category of automobile ancillaries industry.
  • Share PriceRs. 15,529
  • Market Capitalization – 45,800 crore
  • Face Value10


9.  P & G Hygiene

Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd is among the most rapidly rising FMCG companies in India. With products like Duracell, Olay, Puma, Tide, Gillette, Braun, Pringles, Mr. Clean, Lacoste, Oral-B, HUGO, Cover Girl, Pampers, Panteen, and Old Spice are just a few of the brands owned by Procter & Gamble. The firm currently features brands including Vicks and Whisper in its portfolio.
  • Share PriceRs. 13,382
  • Market Capitalization – 43,441 crore
  • Face Value10


10. Bombay Oxygen

The firm’s main activity was producing and delivering industrial gases, which was shut down on August 1, 2019. The firm has significant financial investments in the form of shares, mutual funds, and other financial assets, and the income from these investments is a source of revenue.
  • Share PriceRs. 12,097
  • Market Capitalization – 181.47 crore
  • Face Value10

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