What is Shiba INU Cryptocurrency & How to buy Shiba INU in India?

What is Shiba INU Cryptocurrency & How to buy Shiba INU in India - SHIBA INU India

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What is SHIBA INU Cryptocurrency?

The name Shiba INU originally refers to a breed of dogs from Japan and this cryptocurrency has been named after it. SHIBA INU is a cryptocurrency founded in august 2020 by an anonymous person named “Ryoshi”. It started out as a meme & has successfully grown into a cryptocurrency. According to the records SHIBA INU has grown more than 1000% is a span of just 7 days. One of the biggest rivals of SHIBA INU is DogeCoin which is rapidly growing cryptocurrency in India. It has the same technology as DogiCoin. When Shiba Inu was launched, it has claimed that it is DogeCoin Killer. Shiba Inu has been trending worldwide for two reasons. Recently, there was a tweet from Mr Elon Musk the founder of Tesla stating that he would like to own a Shiba Pup, which brought some attention to cyrpto markets & Shiba INU price escalated by approx 300 %. Also, prices of this cryptocurrency fell 40% when a Russian 27 year old Billionaire donated 50 Trillion Shiba INU coins for Crypto Relief Fund.


How to buy SHIBA INU in India?

There are various applications for trading cryptocurrencies in India. Some of them are WazirX, crypto.com, CoinSwitch Kuber, Coin DCX. Our choice amongst the following would be WazirX as it is easy to use & has much simpler operations. Code for this cryptocurrency is SHIB. To trade in cryptocurrency on WazirX you need to complete your KYC & then just search for the cryptocurrency & you will be able to find & trade easily.


SHIBA INU Price in India

As of today 10:53 AM, current price of SIBA INU/INR in WazirX platform was Rs 0.001278.

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