Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker

Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker


Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker – Which one is the Best for you?

Discount Brokerage

A discount brokerage service provides the investor with the essential tools to trade in the stock market, but the brokerage firm offers no additional benefits. A discount brokerage account is what an investor would opt for if looking to learn investing skills. The discount brokerage account offers minimal fees, such as transaction and AMC charges, which are kept to a minimum. This way, an investor can apply one’s expertise to save on paying these additional fees.


Full-Service Brokerage

Offering the investors, the trading platform, and trading account in order to trade, further offering value through its advisory capacity. It provides its client guidance and advice on investing their money, how much to invest and where to invest. They also offer portfolio management services(PMS); a professional will ensure that an investor’s portfolio is regularly updated. The drawback is the increase in fees since it is as good as hiring someone else to do the trading for the investor.


Comparative Analysis | Comparison of Discount Broker vs Full-Service Broker

 Full-service BrokerDiscount Broker
BrokerageCharges a percentage of the trade value & Offers low brokerage fees for high-volume traders.Charges a flat & fixed fee on every executed order irrespective of trade value.
Brokerage Charges0.25% - 0.75%Rs 10- Rs 20 per order.
ServicesBroking Services, Research, PMS etcBroking Services
Suitable forTraders and investors who are in need of research, consulting and investment advisory services.Tech savvy traders who want to cut costs on brokerage while having limited trading requirements.
Physical PresenceBranch offices in multiple locations in order to assist customersZero branch offices since no additional services offered
Customer serviceEmail/Call/Branch Servicing/Doorstep servicing etc.Online services email/chat/phone
ExamplesICICI Direct, Kotak securities, Sharekhan.Zerodha, Upstox, Trade Smart Online, SAS online.


Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker - Which one is the Best for you?
Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker – Which one is the Best for you?

Who should choose which one?

Both services have merits of their own. While a discount brokerage firm will provide the investor with all the trading tools required for a minimal cost, full-service brokerage firms will offer investing guidance in exchange for a higher fee. The true difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker then is the investors’ needs.

An investor can start with a simple exercise to decide, answer the following questions

  • Do you require research advice & guidance on stocks and other trades?
  • Are you a high-volume investor, with trades running in crores every year?
  • Do you need assistance & consulting service on trading?
  • Do you prefer face-to-face & personal customer support for addressing issues?

If the answer is Yes for all the above questions, then it would be better to choose Full-Service Broker and if the answers for the following questions are Yes then it would be better to choose a Discount Broker

  • Do you pick stocks you wish to invest in on your own?
  • Are you online & tech-savvy?
  • Are you an experienced & seasoned trader who doesn’t need much trading assistance?

Do you want to cut down on your brokerage charges?


Top 10 Discount Stock Brokers In India Based On Number Of Customers (In Lakhs)

4Angel One37.91
6Paytm Money4.34
7Alice Blue1.48
9Bajaj Finserv0.95


Top 10 Full Service Stock Brokers In India Based On Number Of Customers (In Lakhs)

2Kotak Securities12.56
3HDFC Securities11.41
4IIFL Securities11.32
5Motilal Oswal8.96
7SBI Securities6.35
9Choice Broking2.53


Happy Investing! We hope this Comparison of Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker helps you to understand which one is the best for you. If you need any assistance on Investment or How To Invest In Mutual Funds Feel free to contact Wealth Baba – Financial Planner & Investment Advisor in India. We will try to help you out in the best possible way.

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