Salary Finance Anoints October as "Crush Your Debt" Month

Unofficially, October is "Crush Your Debt" month, and Salary Finance, the top worldwide supplier of socially responsible

 employees at member organisations in the US to contribute a video with their personal accounts of how they have handled their debt. 

To reward individuals with the most inspirational tales, Salary Finance is committing up to $50,000.

Those whose stories are highlighted will get a $500 gift card1 to use on petrol, food, or other necessities of daily life to aid with rising living expenses.

Employees all around the US are now able to pay off their debt thanks to Borrow2, Salary Finance's cost-effective lending option that is offered as a voluntary benefit.

Whether it's settling high-interest credit card debt, attending to past-due obligations, or managing additional unforeseen expenses

 it was paying off higher-interest credit card debt, attending to past-due payments, or managing other unforeseen charges.


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