Yellen’s Endorsement Seals Seemingly Unstoppable Dollar Rally

This year, the dollar has essentially been unstoppable, and Janet Yellen recently stated that it is in the US's best interest for the currency to be determined by markets.

According to strategists, Yellen's support for a strong dollar will spur more advances in the global reserve currency.

The US Treasury Secretary stated that the strength of the currency is the "natural conclusion" of various global monetary policy orientations.

as a result, the greenback is strengthening for a sixth day and on track to reach another record high according to a Bloomberg measure. 

Despite some experts' warnings that the US economy would soon start to suffer from higher interest rates, the dollar's four-month surge is showing few signs of faltering.

 As underdeveloped countries struggle with high dollar debt loads and more expensive imports, the effects of the strengthening dollar are being felt all around the world.


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