This year, the US dollar has increased.

Since the Consumer Price Index has been in the spotlight the entire year.

It would appear that nonfarm payrolls have been a B-list macro datapoint.

In order to inform its decision regarding the pace of rate hikes, the Fed will be keeping a close eye out for any indications that the labour market.

Subsequently the economy are slowing. According to economists, there will only be 250,000 new jobs created in September, down from 315,000 in August.

Let's focus on the dollar instead while we wait for the jobs data since, according to UBS, it's still gaining.

The soaring US dollar is still rising. According to UBS, the Federal Reserve is unlikely to start lowering interest rates anytime soon.

Maintaining the dollar's upward trend against other currencies around the world.

Sterling close to this week's low versus dollar ahead of U.S. data