This 16 year old Indian boy defeated World's number 1 chess player thrice !

Magnus Carlsen of Norway is the World's number 1 Chess Player with a rating of 2856 points

16 year old Praggnanandhaa is ranked 52 globally with a rating of 2687 points

Praggnanandhaa is ranked number 6 in India with Vishwanathan Anand ranked as the number 1 Indian Chess Player

Pragg was born on 10th Aug 2005 and became the youngest International Master at the age of 10 and was called a chess prodigy

He earned the Grandmaster title at the age of 12 thus becoming a 2nd youngest Grandmaster of all time

Pragg is the sibling of Vaishali Rameshbabu who is an eminent chess player

On 22nd Feb 2022, Pragg became the youngest player ever to defeat current world champion Magnus Carlsen

Subsequently he defeated Carlsen two more times thus overpowering the world number 1 three times in a row

After being defeated for the third time in a row, Carlsen said Pragg showed "great resilience, determination, and quality."


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