The U.S. needs a unified energy industry to deal with soaring oil prices, OPEC+ and climate change

The price of gasoline in the United States has increased by 25% since last year. 

Difficult choices must be made regarding purchasing food, paying rent, and other necessities due to higher petrol prices.

Some claim that there is a supply problem, while others insist that the United States has to switch to a cleaner-burning fuel economy. 

The United States lacks a clear, consistent, and comprehensive energy strategy, which is the true cause of high gas prices and other energy expenses.

Decades-long debates on energy policy have resulted in a seesaw of energy policy from one administration to the next.

Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Jimmy Carter all supported the use of new, cleaner energy sources

Most of the time, Donald Trump put his faith in the economy, technology, and a decline in reliance on foreign energy. 

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