The Time to Buy the Dip Is Fast Approaching — for One Country

Investors envision one nation - and its financial markets - emerging strongest on the other side as they look past the impending global crisis.

According to respondents to the most recent MLIV Pulse survey, US equities and bonds will be the first to emerge from the current wave of market volatility.

They believe that the odds of the UK economy or the euro region experiencing a recession first are nearly equal.

In comparison to 45% who predicted Europe, about 47% of the 452 respondents (or respondents) expect the UK to win that undesirable prize, probably indicating larger financial stability worries in that nation. 

Only 7% predicted that the US economy would be the first to falter. 

And separate sets of concerns for wealth and income inequality will be presented by both an American recovery and a protracted European depression.


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