Stock futures increase on BOE speculation as the pound strengthens: Market Wrap

On Monday, the US dollar continued to outperform all of its significant competitors, with the dollar index reaching a brand-new 20-year high.

Despite a little easing during the Asian session today, the overall upward trend is still in place, with the ultra-hawkish Fed and worries over the state of the world economy acting as its two major fuel pumps.

The currency that profited the most from the dollar's delay this morning was the pound.

 The Bank itself issued a statement saying that the BoE may need to act more aggressively.

after a two-day decline to a record low of $1.0327 due to worries that Friday's announced fiscal package will push the UK government's debt to unmanageable levels.

There has been a lot of speculation that the BoE may need to act more aggressively at its upcoming meetings 


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