Slower U.S. job growth anticipated in September; labor market still tight

Although there was likely a slowdown in U.S. job growth in September as a result of businesses becoming more wary of the future state of the economy

due to rapidly rising interest rates, overall labour market conditions are still tight, giving the Federal Reserve the justification it needs to continue its aggressive campaign to tighten monetary policy

The unemployment rate remained constant at 3.7% last month

 with significant yearly pay increases, according to the Labor Department's carefully awaited employment report, which will be released on Friday.

 the labour market has largely held up to higher borrowing costs and tighter financial conditions, according to economists

The COVID-19 pandemic forced some people out of the workforce, in part due to prolonged illness brought on by the virus

note that businesses are reluctant to lay off workers after having trouble hiring in the previous year.

Oil steady as focus turns to U.S. economic data