Mutual funds: Make the most of volatility with SIP

SIP mutual fund investors are not panicking this time around, in contrast to prior market declines.

Take advantage of the volatility-Due to the advantages of rupee cost averaging, investing in a SIP during times of market turbulence is always advantageous to the investor.

MANY BENEFITS-Market volatility is the optimum environment for systematic investment plans (SIPs) to succeed.Investors should hold their investments for longer than five years so that they can move through several market cycles.

While new investors have started participating throughout this tumultuous era of the market and retail investors have demonstrated a great deal of maturity.

when it comes to sticking to their systematic investment plans (SIPs), many may now try to book profits given the market volatility.

 Investors employ a variety of tactics while making MF investments. The Systematic Transfer Plan, or STP, is one such tactic.


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