Jim Cramer Says Stocks Will Climb Once Fed Signals Shift; Here Are 2 Names to Watch

The Fed is actively raising interest rates, there is significant inflation, and the markets are continually testing their year-end lows.

 Several significant monthly data will be released throughout the remainder of this week, including the consumer price index, or inflation report, on Thursday

At the moment, inflation is up 8.3% over last year, and economists anticipate a drop to 8.1%.

There is a bright side to the current predicament, according to Jim Cramer, the well-known head of CNBC's "Mad Money" programme.

He told investors, "I always say there's no give without a get. 

The benefit is that you will eventually be rewarded with reduced rates and decreased inflation. But the give phase, which is the first part, is very much underway.


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