In a wager that consumers will still want to spend cryptocurrencies in a down market, Visa teams up with FTX.

Visa is making the wager that even when the value of cryptocurrencies declines this year, investors will still want to use them to make purchases.

With an emphasis on Latin America, Asia, and Europe, the payments industry giant is collaborating with global exchange FTX to sell debit cards in 40 nations. 

The cards will instantly connect to a user's FTX cryptocurrency investment account and are already accessible in the United States.

According to Visa's CFO, the update enables clients to spend digital currencies without transferring them away from an exchange.

Vasant Prabhu, CFO of Visa, told CNBC over the phone that there was "still steady interest in crypto" despite the decline in prices. "

As a corporation, we don't have an opinion on what the value of cryptocurrencies is.


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