HDVI expands into two new states

High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI), a supplier of commercial car insurance, has announced that fleets in North Carolina and Colorado will now have access to its services.

hrough the use of telematics, HDVI will make it possible for trucking firms in the US to cut their insurance rates.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, more than 85% of municipalities in North Carolina and 79% of communities in Colorado rely only on trucks to transport their commodities. 

Trucks are used to deliver more than 95% of manufacturing tonnage in both states.

With its dynamically priced commercial trucking insurance product, HDVI Shift, HDVI offers trucking firms a means of rewarding fleets for safe driving.

"HDVI uses real-time risk algorithms to identify and analyse the frequency of risk factors to deliver monthly insurance premium savings up to 12% to consumers who improve their safety ratings."


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