Fed officials remain steadfast: Hike rates and hold them there

By sending the unifying message that they want to boost rates and hold them there, even if confronted with signs of a slowing economy

Fed policymakers warned markets against looking for rate cuts next year.

The September jobs report, which was hotter than anticipated, confirmed the Fed's intentions to take measures to curb inflation and demonstrated that there is still opportunity for more action without jeopardising the labour market.

A jobs report of about 260,000 would indicate that the labour market is slowing slightly but is still fairly tight, according to Fed Governor Waller, who stated this before of the release.

 The jobs report is unlikely to change Fed policymakers' perception that the central bank should only concentrate on inflation, given that the actual number of 263,000 was in line with that projection.

The Fed's proposed efforts to curb inflation are warranted in light of the stronger-than-anticipated September jobs report, which was announced on Friday. 


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