Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Repays $96 Million of TrueFi Debt Weeks After Hack

Just over three weeks after being hacked for $160 million, prominent cryptocurrency market maker Wintermute paid up its $96 million debt.

On the decentralised finance (DeFi) system TrueFi, according to the loan dashboard for the platform.

One of the company's largest known outstanding obligations to a DeFi lending platform was the TrueFi loan.

In April, Wintermute borrowed $92 million from its USDT lending pool via the TrueFi protocol. The loan was scheduled to maturity on October 15.

According to transaction data on the blockchain data platform Nansen, Wintermute paid back the loan with interest on Friday.

One day before the due date. The borrower did not pledge any assets as security for the loan; instead, it was simply secured by the borrower's good credit and reputation.


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