Best cheap car insurance in Philadelphia

Drivers in Philadelphia pay an average of $3,300 (or $275 per month) for full coverage and $752 (or $63 per month) for minimal coverage.

Philadelphia drivers may be looking for economical insurance in order to purchase solutions that meet their needs despite the high average prices.

You could locate the finest affordable vehicle insurance for your needs by using our analysis of the top car insurance providers in the City of Brotherly Love based on market share.

In Pennsylvania, PIP may also be referred to as "First Party Benefits."

Additionally, uninsured and underinsured driver coverage must be offered by Pennsylvania auto insurance providers; however, this choice may be rejected in writing. 

As a no-fault state, Pennsylvania requires drivers to choose a "tort option" for their auto insurance, which alters your capacity to sue an at-fault motorist for damages. 


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The Cheapest Car Insurance in Pennsylvania For 2023