Altice USA drew bids as Suddenlink sales process continues

According to TMT Finance, Altice USA (NYSE:ATUS) just received a first round of offers for its Suddenlink businesses.

The company said the sale may be for the entire company or just certain parts.

That supports remarks made by CEO Dexter Goei during the results call in August,

where he claimed "Potential purchasers for all or parts of Suddenlink contacted Altice USA with a large number of queries.

We could probably affirm that a process is in motion."

The sale of Suddenlink's southern U.S.-focused geographic clusters had been proposed in earlier reports, but according to TMT Finance, Altice may only be exploring Texas and the Southeast.

Additionally, Blackstone (BX), Astound Broadband (supported by Stonepeak), and a number of other parties could become buyers.

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