Before Including Ambuja and ACC the market cap gain of Adani group in this year was ₹10.16 lakh crore because of its share market growth.

On the other hand tata group has fallen down by ₹2.57 lakh crore in market cap as its flagship company Tata Consultancy Services declined by over 17

After acquiring Ambuja and ACC Adani group has become the most valued business house in India.

The total market cap of Adani group after acquiring Ambuja and ACC is ₹22.25 lakh crore as on Friday

On the other hand total market valuation of tata group is ₹20.81 lakh crore

Adani group is leading the run of most valuable business house as share prices of Adani business are skyrocketing

The major fall for Tata is Tata consultancy services which declined by 17% in past few months


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