Jobs Growth in the United States Slows Less Than Expected; Bitcoin Drops From $20K

In September 2022, the annual U.S. inflation rate decreased for three consecutive months to 8.2%, the lowest level in seven months, down from 8.3% in August but beyond market expectations of 8.1%.

Real Estate According to statistics from MacroMicro, weighted shelter accounts for 32.77% of CPI, of which 7.8% is rent and 23.68% is private housing.

Services for Medical Care In September, the medical care index increased 1% sequentially after increasing 0.8% in August.

Transportation After increasing by 0.5% in August, the transportation index increased 1.9% sequentially in September.

Auto There has been a noticeable increase in new automobile prices. After growing by 0.8% the month before, the index for new automobiles grew by 0.7% in September.

Utilities The utility gas service index remained high, rising 2.9% in September after rising 3.5% in August.


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Leaving for the US to attend G-20 and IMF meetings is the finance minister