12 Trading Rules of  Martin Pring

Martin J. Pring is the Chairman of Pring Turner Capital group, a money management and sub-advisory firm. He is the author of over 15  investment books & is an authority in Technical Analysis.

Rule#1: When in doubt, stay out Rule#2:  Never trade or invest based on hope

Rule #3: Act entirely on your own judgment or judgment of another person Rule #4: Buy Low (into Weakness), Sell High (into Strength)

Rule#5: Don’t Overtrade Rule#6: After a successful campaign, take a trading vacation

Rule#7: Take a periodic mental inventory to see how you are doing Rule#8: Constantly analyze your mistakes

Rule#9:  Don’t jump the gun by being impatient Rule#10: Don't try to call every market turn

Rule#11: Never enter into a position without first establishing a risk- reward Rule#12: Cut losses, let profits run


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