10 Rules for Successful Intraday Trading

Rule 1: Don’t trade in the midst of a volatile market

Intraday trading is best done when the trajectory and momentum of the market are certain & predictable.

Rule 2: Don’t stretch yourself on the margin of trading.

Don’t push yourself to a point that your losses become unaffordable in the event of any unexpected negative events.

Rule 3: Know “when” to do “what”

Profits in intraday trading are made by taking a calculated position and sitting out doing nothing while others lose profits in the chaos.

Rule 4: Dedicate time for retrospection & introspection

Keeping a record to analyze failures and successes in trading which will really help you become a better trader.

Rule 5: Keep a tab on the news

Evaluate the flow of corporate actions and result reports. All these are helpful inputs if you want to be an informed intraday trader.

Rule 6: Never panic

Panic makes you take hasty and wrong decisions thereby subsidizing & helping the other trader who does not panic

Rule 7: Beware the overnight risk.

Carrying positions overnight exposes you to “overnight risk” and your intraday trading capital may not be ready to offset it. So be cautious.

Rule 8: There is nothing like a free lunch

Don’t get carried away by handsome profits on a single day since the Markets have the nasty capacity to take it back anytime

Rule 9: If it is too good to be true then it is probably not true.

If you have made attractive profits within an hour, don’t be greedy. Rather, just take your profits and leave.

Rule 10: Only practice will make you a good intraday trader.

Intraday trading is an activity that calls for discipline and risk management and can only be perfected with time.


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