10 Benefits of Term Insurance

Financial Security

It is one of the biggest benefit to the family. We have seen many times that untimely death of the bread earner of the family leads to financial problems for the family. Term Insurance takes care of this problem.



Term Insurance Plans usually have very low premiums when compared to other types of Life Insurances


Flexibility on premium payment

It provides the flexibility to pay premiums either Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annually. It also offer option of limited pay so a policy holder can decide to pay for 5 yrs or 10 yrs or till his retirement.


Flexibility on Life Cover

It provides flexibility to the policy holder to choose the no. of years he wants to get covered. From 10 years to Life long cover so the person insured can choose to be covered till the Age of 100 as well !



Now it also offers various riders like Critical Illness, Terminal illness, Hospicare and Disability riders.


Waiver of Premium (WoP)

In cases a person insured faces loss of income due or mishap the insurance company can waive all the future premiums which are payable.


Return of Premium

Many insurance companies offer a Return of Premium feature. This feature is helpful when the policy holder survives insurance company returns all the insurance premium that the policy holder has paid.


Joint Life Option

In this feature Spouse also gets a cover. In case of death of primary policy holder the policy continues for the surviving spouse and in some cases there is a Waiver of Premium benefit as well.


Staggered Payout of Claim

A Payout is a death benefit awarded to the nominees of a term insurance plan in a case when the policyholder dies due to an unfortunate incident. But, the mode of payout will be decided and chosen at the time of buying the policy.


Increasing/ decreasing life cover

Some companies offer you the option to increase or decrease the coverage amount. This is helpful because as you grow old your responsibilities change which warrants a change in the total coverage amount.



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